Setting the Mood

My friend Bob is a talented Artist and Musician. He is the owner of the Porcello Gallery in Marshfield (also where my studio happens to be). I knew him for over a year before we realized that we both played guitar and liked the blues. Of course, his claim of, “Yeah, I’m a hack and I haven’t played in years” seemed extremely less credible after we started playing together. He is not a hack and has a natural talent that you can only be born with. Yes… he’s that good. Then, he got behind a piano and blew me away with that.

I wanted to capture an image that caught the essence of who Bob is. Not just the Musician and Artist, but his layed back, reflective nature, and his sense of spirit (he is a very spiritual person). It was also important to me that I capture the character of Bob’s face. He is in his late 50’s and, like most people, has had his joys and struggles. I did this by feathering a small softbox from camera right, letting just enough of the spill hit his face and body, but keeping the other elements (except the painting in the foreground) less lit. I then added a kicker from camera left to add separation of Bob from the black background. This light is what also lit the painting in the background.

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A Different Perspective

For this shoot, I decided I wanted a different perspective of my model “lounging” on the couch. We had already taken plenty of shots along the normal focal plane, and I liked them. But, I wanted something a little different, and I wanted to really highlight the contrast of the green dress against the blue couch. It just so hapened that there was a step ladder in the corner of the studio, so I quickly set it up, adjusted the position of my lights, and prayed that I wouldn’t fall on the model as I standing on the highest rung (you know, the step after the one that is clearly marked “Do not stand beyond this step”).

I also wanted a little retro/mysterious look to my image (to go along with the blue couch), so in post I did a little extra burning and dodging to create a dark vinette and more contrast. I also raised the vibrance to bring out the skirt and couch.

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Recent Model Shoots

One of the reasons I have been neglecting this blog lately, is that I have been busy with Model Shoots.  Here are just some of the many models I have been working with.

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Ok… I am way over due with my updates.  Let’s see what I can do to get as close to current as possible over the next week

Back in the fall, I was asked to shoot Cassies senior pictures.  She wanted to do them on the beach and wanted to start out traditional, but end with some images that would highlight her dancing.  While the entire photo shoot was fun, I had a real blast with the dance images.

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A photo shoot with Fashion Focus


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Becca – Senior Shoot

It’s not often you can convince a HS Senior to  meet at 8:00 in the morning for a photo shoot.  Becca and her mom had to drive over an hour to meet… now that’s dedication!!!  I really enjoyed using the morning light to highlight the colors in the background of these images.

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